Does anyone have experience with Selfridges website customer service?

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  1. I'm getting worried.

    I posted before that I was missing a lipstick from my 5-item order. I emailed their customer service and only got an automated reply that they have "high volume" and will be delayed in replying to me. Now, I don't like sitting around knowing that I paid for something that wasn't cheap and didn't get it. I even emailed their second address and called their international number several times---only to get a busy signal every time.

    So I thought that visiting their FB page would speed things up. Lo and behold, I found SO many people complaining about their customer service regarding their website and Selfridges kept saying to email one of the addresses I already emailed to.

    If they don't resolve my issue, is there any way to do a chargeback on one item? Or do I just accept that I lost about £24? Please help :sad:
  2. hi there...curious as to what ended up happening? Did you get a response from Selfridges at all?