Does anyone have experience with charge and sell purchases?

  1. I found my LV at the San Diego Fashion Valley mall and they said that they can do a 'charge send' and I would pay over the phone by credit card and then they would ship it to me in AZ. Has anyone else ever done this? What were your experiences? Thanks!:smile:
  2. i do charge sends all the time. You phoen the store, tell them what you want, give them your CC info and you get the stuff in the mail.

  3. Yup, I've done it before on a discontinued wallet. They've found one in the Vegas Forum boutique and charge-send to me. I paid about $10 for regular shipping. It came with everything (box, dustbag, receipt etc). It took a while to get here though (about a week and a half I think) and they won't release the fedex tracking number for me. But overall, it was a positive experience.
  4. I've done a charge and hold for pick up - If you are dealing with a reputable department store, no problem at all.
  5. I did a charge send with my mandarin epi speedy. LV at Copley didn't have any, I gave the SA my cc # and she had one shipped for the Soho Store.
  6. Yeah I've done that with my last two LV purchases. I live in Canada, at a town where it takes about 1 1/2 drive to get to the nearest LV store. So I just call them and give out my CC # and everything, and they would ship the item to me.

    One thing that sucks is that Eluxury wouldn't ship to Canada. :hrmm: But since I found out that I can do charge sends that didn't bother me anymore. :yes: In fact that is better, 'cause if the store I called didn't have the bag that I wanted, they can always call other stores and have it shipped from there ... Awesome :cool:

    Shipping charges is crazy though! Even in Canada they charge me $25 as minimum, and if I wanted it sooner that fee would be double! ​
  7. I do it all the time. I live about two hours away from the nearest LV boutique.
  8. Thats all I do....Phone Charge..Is there any other way LOL...
  9. Whew! Thanks, have made me feel better:smile: I think that I am going to have the California LV ship my bag (after I pay for it over the phone, of course!) to the LV near me so that I can go in and pick it up. That way, I can inspect the bag for any defects, scratches, etc.

    Thanks again for the help! :smile:
  10. Yep! I do it quite often. Especially for expensive bags that are out of state. You can save a ton on taxes and shipping is pretty nominal.
  11. I've done it before, relatively painless!