Does anyone have experience shopping in Milan Station for birkin?

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  1. I'm going to HK in Oct~ and hoping to get a brand new 35cm Birkin from Milan Station.
    I checked the reference of current price. HK stores sell one around 80000HKD, so I was wondering how much more Milan Station charge for a brand new one?
    Anyone know~? plz tell me
  2. VERY Expensive price , just in my opinion. , Just back from HK. last month....very hot wheather ;)
  3. I just came back from Hong Kong too, for a brand new bag or current color season, they priced it at HKD$11,800.
  4. IMO , pricey and possibly not everything is authentic.
  5. ^What Jadeite said. You have to really be an expert @ authentication before daring to buy from them.
  6. I was just there tonight. Went to all the ones except the one Kowloon. I handled a few and can say some are authentic, some definitely not. This goes for both regular leathers and exotics. Some of the bags were quite beautiful, others just plain awful.
  7. Agree with what others have said, you need to be able to authenticate. I've seen one special order birkin with horseshoe stamp that looked odd and did not feel like an authentic birkin. Since prices are so high, hkd 100k and above for birkins, do proceed with caution.
  8. I have been to the one in Kowloon. The birkins (exotic and non-exotic) are all displayed in the glass cabinets. They are lovely to look at but am not sure about the authenticity. With such incredible prices, I would rather pay that premium to Hermes stores in Tokyo....beautiful VIP experience and 100% authentic!
  9. myself also found it's very fishy there, i did heard a lot bad experience about Milan Station, for that kind of price I won't be buying there even if I have the money, definitely Tokyo is a much better choice.
  10. Agree with pretty99. If you don't mind paying a premium for your birkin, my suggestion is just go to Tokyo, you will probably be able to get a brand new one from the Hermes boutique( Hermes Ginza, isetan, Takashimaya......), birkin in Japan is about 30% more than the price in Hong Kong, and guranteed genuine.

    Unless you are an expert in authenticating birkins, avoid Milan stations.
  11. My advice is go to Japan and buy birkins...:yahoo:
  12. The problem is I can't go Japan~~~~~~~~ >///<
  13. I'd actually extend that caution to all stations...
    "VIP Station", "France Station", etc. All of them have a green "exit" (&#20986;) sign.

    But some reputable stores in hk include: Twist, Brand-off (correct me if i'm wrong, someone!)
  14. Twist is not a reseller shop strictly speaking. They only import different brands to sell.

    Unfortunately I cannot recommend or vote against the reseller shops here for OP. As resellers are asking $$$$ especially for Hermes bags, with that money people should have plenty of choice and comfort to buy in Japan.

  15. There is a shop calls "Hannah" not sure whether any hong kong tpf-ers been. I asked the price of a 35 gold togo birkin. she told me it's 98K. just for reference. definitely would fly to hermes ginza to buy one for that price.