Does anyone have either of these??

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  1. I am looking at two Tiffany & Co. wedding bands - solid platinum, no diamonds. I know many think Tiffany isn't worth the money and that's fine but it's what I want so let's get that out of the way right now :P

    The first is:

    The second is:

    I'm leaning toward the second but just wanted to see what they look like outside of professional marketing shots before I make the drive to Tiff's.

    Thank you!!
  2. I tried on the first but ended up buying a lucida band because it "fit" my e-ring more. I think your best bet would be to see what looks best with your e-ring and if possible if it somehow "matches well" with your hubby's wedding ring.

    I don't know about #2 though, looks a little too trendy.
  3. What does your e-ring look like? I tend to like the 1st one a little more with a Tiffany setting.
  4. My engagement ring is not a Tiffany brand setting - it is a custom made design that looks very similar to:

    The reason I like the second is because the engraving on the side of my engagement ring matches the design on that particular band. I also don't like the overly "matchy matchy" look so gaps don't bother me - definitely don't like curved bands.

    FI's band is titanium (he prefers the extremely light feel) with milgrain edging so either would work - just not the color of the metal.

    Thanks for the advice so far ;)
  5. I like the milgrain better. I feel like the other one is kind of busy.