Does anyone have either of these?

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  1. Could you please post pics of either of them on? I'm trying to decide which bracelt to get and these are 2 of my faves but I've never seen these on..

  2. I'm sorry I don't have any pics to post, but... I've tried the second one on in store, and love love love it. Good luck!
  3. I love the black one. Its georgous
  4. I don't have either but I am planning to buy the beaded silver VERRRRY soon..(I hope!!) I like the onyx too, but it's over my budget for now..
    GL hope you choose the best one, they are both TDF.:tup:
  5. No pics i'm afraid, but i have the silver beaded one, and i also love it. It is simple yet very eye catching, i have the necklace to match also.
  6. The silver one is gorg! Do you mind if I ask how much it is?
  7. When i got mine it was £70 that was nearly 3 years ago, it is now £100.
  8. I have the black onyx one and it's gorgeous. I tried on the other one, too, but my dh said it looked too formal for my more casual wardrobe. The onyx is truly stunning. I want the matching necklace next! Sorry I have no pics, camera is busted. Hopefully this weekend I can post some.
  9. Thanks girls! :smile: