Does anyone have Dolce Vita boots?

  1. I'm interested in getting one but I don't know how comfortable they are. Some of them seem to be a little pricey. Let me know what you think.
  2. Hi there!

    I'm not sure about the high heel boots by dolce vita, but i have some flat heels and they're pretty comfortable and true to their size. I have a size 7.5 foot and my size 7 pair are tight but comfortable. I can walk around in them all day.

    I agree that they're pricey for what they are - basic shoes - but they're generally sold at brick and online shops where you can get a discount. Look around!
  3. Yes, I have these booties. I bought them to wear with cropped leggings and skinny jeans. I bought them more for style than comfort. They feel pretty similar to my other 3" heels. I have plenty of room in the toe box, which is nice, but otherwise, they feel OK. I can go about 4 hours in them. The quality is what I would expect for the price.

  4. I have similar booties, a pair of ankle boots, and some flats. They aren't the most comfortable shoes I own, I have to say, but very cute.