does anyone have coupon code for Neiman's or Bergdorf?

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  1. Anyone with coupon code for or I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
  2. I just have one for free shipping from Neiman Marcus. The code is SURVEY and it lasts till 4/15. Hope that helps :o)
  3. There's also one for free shipping - code is THANKS, not sure of expiration though but as of yesterday it still works. Happy shopping!
  4. What are you looking to buy, Truffles?
  5. Is it SHOPAPR for 10% off? I think they run the same promo every month, or is that Bloomingdales?
  6. I think the SHOPAPR is for Saks. Thanks everyone, but I already ordered my Chloe Kerala (in Olive) from Bergdorf's. No coupons or anything, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.
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