does anyone have coach burgendy sunglasses?

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  1. yes I need more glasses you would think I have 10 heads lol I guess its an obsession I don't have any burgendy how do they look what do you think? any pic's? how is it looking throught them? thanks for any help.:tup:
  2. yikes that burgundy
  3. I own the burgundy Pansy sunglasses. I also have them in the black. I find the lenses are great and the view through them isn't strange at all. I don't have a photo of them at the moment but I will show you my black ones. I think I may have posted them for you before but reruns are good, right? :P

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  4. I :heart: brown bags & torti glasses, but I've recently ventured into the world of burgundy (per DH request...if he sees one more brown __________...&#@&$#*^)

    I have Suzie and Posey in burgundy...I'm posting indoor pics, but I find that out in sunlight, they look even more beautiful. (The pic of two Suzies shows tortoise compared with burgundy)

    For reference, I have auburn/brunette hair and I was afraid that burgundy might not work for me, but I (and my DH) really like it. As far as wearing them, they give no funky color distortions...I do enjoy them!

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  6. sold you talked me right in I have red hair so why not lol I just bought the allie I almost grabbed the suzie but wasn't sure about the shape on my round face :O)
  7. Yay! I believe you'll love them...Allie is on my w/l, too. BTW I think my sunny coach collection is bigger than it needs to be only because they are flattering to round faces like ours:biggrin:
  8. ^^^Ok, I am not the only one who thought that. Their sunglasses always look the best on me.

    Inch- I have the black Allies...ur gonna love them!
  9. :P:yes:

    I have the Patti sunglasses & Alicia sunglasses, both in burgundy!

    Edit: Sorry for the crappy pics, I guess I don't have any of them together loaded onto my computer and these were labeled wrong. Anyhow... the sunglasses in the pic are the Alicia sunglasses.

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  10. I have burgundy from last year. Purchased them at Nordstrom (as they were exclusive to Nordie's - Coach wasn't selling them). I LOVE THEM! (Fireflies on the sides with the Coach emblem.) I LOVE the color and I LOVE the way they fit and look on my face. I get tons of compliments on them. I have fair'ish' skin, some freckles, grey eyes, and reddish hair. They're awesome!:heart::heart::heart:
  11. Personally, I think they will look great on you. My room partner (elem. school) has your coloring and they look lovely on her. I'm fair and medium auburn and it works for me, too. The only combo I would fear now (only because I haven't seen it) would be burgundy glasses with burgundy (red/blue tint) hair. 95% of my sunglasses are tortoise and I couldn't be any happier breaking away from them with Coach's version of burgundy.
  12. ^^ Hehehehe BEST...Picture....Ever :biggrin:
  13. I think they're going to look fantastic on you. I'm wearing them in the picture - I know it's probably too small to see. (And my hair isn't nearly as GORGEOUS and red as yours is!)

    Please model when they arrive! :yahoo: