Does anyone have Coach Ballet Flats?

  1. I have a pair of Jennilee...they run a little big...width wise I have wide feet but they fit me.
  2. Which one do you have, the leather or suede? Do they give you toe cleavage? Do they give you blisters in the beginning? Sorry for all the questions....I usually wear boots or sandals. I find most loafers/pumps are not comfortable, but these new styles of ballet flats are so cute...:love:
  3. These flats do tend to run big. Whenever I try them on I have to get a half size smaller.

    Do you have a store near you that carries Coach ballet flats? A place where you can just try it on for size? It may be a good idea especially if sellers don't allow returns.
  4. I love my Steve Madden ballet flats (2pairs). I tried many and found this was the most comfortable. They were a bit narrow. But I stretch them out by wearing heavy cotton socks for the first few wears. I live in them.
  5. IMO, i think Patchwork is an unflattering look.

    It makes you look like a hobo.

  6. You're too funny !!:roflmfao:

    I think I better try them on first. I might not like them on my big feet..
  7. Prisca i think they look SUPER CUTE!!:yahoo:
    especially the gold ones the blue ones may look nice with jeans!!
  8. I have 2 pairs. I love them, they are really comfy. I put insoles in my though for extra cushioning because i wore them so much.
  9. I have two pairs too: one white and one black. I'm usually a size 5 but it was very rare to find that size in those colours so brought a size 5.5. I had to put insoles in them but they are still big. They won't fall off my feet but I think I can actually wear a size 4.5 in them (if they make that size). So, yes I would say they run 1/2 too big and they are very comfy.
  10. i have two pairs, both size 8.5 and they both fit differently.
    i have the current patchwork and they definately run big. the other pair is maybe last season and they're snug and are going up on ebay soon.
    but if you're buying the current jenilee ones, get 1/2 a size smaller.
    (and no "toe cleavage", lol. it's one of my pet peeves!)