Does anyone have Chloe wedge sandals for this season?

  1. I love the Chloe wedge sandals and they're about a 4 inch heal with a rubber bottom. I've seen them in about 3 different styles. Any feedback as far as comfort and height? I don't normally go that high in a heel and when I've picked them up they are pretty heavy. Thanks!
  2. I have the Mary Janes from last summer (bought them on eBay last month) and I've yet to wear them because I'm slightly apprehensive and kinda freaked that they'll make me 5' 11"!! I'm gonna take the plunge this weekend though.

    My pal has the same pair as me as loves them, she's only 5'3" without them on and they look super cute on her. She doesn't wear heels much and has no problem wearing them