Does Anyone Have...? (Calling All Prada Experts)

  1. Does anyone have a Prada in which the exterior plaque is a different color from the leather bag itself? I'm curious if there are any exceptions to the general rule that the exterior plaque and leather match. I've heard about a pink bag with a silver plaque, but have not seen it. Are there any other out there like that?
  2. I'm sure i've read on here that a coloured plaque is a sign of a fake, I hope that's not strictly true.
    I do have a black nylon bag that my BF bought me a few years ago that has a green plaque, green strap and green bits at each corner. If I found out it was a fake, I would be so mad!!!

    Just realised you were talking about leather bags, sorry, I don't know about them.

    Am sure there are some experts here that do!
  3. Audrey--no, a green plaque on a black bag with green trim is fine--the green matches the trim and that is correct. A bag should have a colored plaque if it has colored leather. I'm asking if that's always true--if there are ever colored leathers with a diff color plaque.
  4. :shame: Sorry, i've never seen any.

    But thanks for the reassurance on my bag.