Does anyone have BOTH the mono pochette & rivet pochette??

  1. Can you post side by side pics?? I keep thinking about that rivet pochette and how maybe I would rather have that then the regular even though it is sooo much more $$. But I want to see side by side pics and modeling pics please???

  2. I don't, I only have the mono pochette, but I believe the Rivet pochette is equivalent to the size of the Perfo one. I saw it today and didn't notice much difference in size between the Rivet and the other regular line pochettes.
  3. The dimensions are the same and I believe the detailing is why it's so pricey!
  4. ITA, only have the mono sorry!
  5. yeah I know they are the same but still would like to compare side by side, so please post some pics if you have both!!