Does anyone have both a Small/Medium & Large Sabrina?

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  1. If so, can you please post a size side-by-side comparison pic? I don't know which size I should order tomorrow. I would like to see the two bags together. Thanks!
  2. I am wondering this same thing. I looked at the pages in the store today, I *think* the S/M was 12 inches along the bottom and the Large was 15. I am not 100% sure though. Maybe someone else knows for certain the measurements.
  3. you're dead on with those measurements, selketkrb. and i believe that the s/m is 8 in high and the lrg is something like 10 in?
  4. I am not really good at measurements. I would rather see a pic or IRL.
  5. Judging by those measurements, the small/medium is SMALL. If it's really 8H x 12L then its smaller than the Zoe. It actually looks to be the same size as the Bartlett and the Medium Madeline if that helps any. The Heritage Stripe small satchel is 9L x 7 1/4H so its just barely bigger than that. It sounds so cute and tiny but that will be too small for me I think.
    The large at 10H x 15L would be about the size of the business Madeline. The framed ergo satchels are 15L x 8.5H so just 1.5 inches smaller than the ergo.
  6. Well, I have my ruler out trying to picture the small. If the Sabrina is 8H X 12L, I think that would be big enough for me. I don't like a huge bag! About the size of the Carly, the $348 one?

    Also, do you know if the cherry will be available in the large or only the small/medium?