Does anyone have black mini mongram?

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  1. I have been searching the threads looking for some tPF's pictures of a black mini mongram. Not the TST but the black with what looks like white (?) LV's!?!

    I am thinking about buying something in this tone from elux but I would love to see some better pictures of it. The ones on elux don't really show it that well!?! And if you have it do you love it!?! I am not worried about the design mainly just what the fabric looks like.

    This color:


    THANKS SOOO MUCH in advance!! :nuts:
  2. no idea...but that bag looks really hot!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yeah it is cute, right!?! I am think about this if I won't be able to get a mirror speedy tomorrow!?! :shrugs:
  4. oooohhhh I hope you get your Miroir Crystal!!!!!!!!!!!! But if not....well mini mono is technically discontinued and I love that bag!
  5. Crystal...:flowers:

    I tried the black mini mono last Christmas at Neiman's. It is similiar to the TST. I thought it was cute... I passed cause it felt like a Panetone fruit cake box... generous in size with the black and white straps making it a great lazy casual weekend kind of bag...

  6. LOL OMG now I am having second thoughts! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. Yeah me too! :sad: However my SA has not been at work for the past two days. THAT'S always a BAD sign. The same thing happened when the Damier Azur was released and she only just gave me a call about it this week!?! OMG good thing I took matters into my own hands and got it from somewhere else!
  8. Wow, I've never seen that before but it does look HOT!!!
  9. Really... it did indeed, same size as the panetone, really boxy, same features as the Damier Belem...
  10. You probably cannot sleep tonight???
  11. i have that bag and i bought it this year, around the summer time!
    loved it...the minimonogram is going to be discontinued, or has already in most stores....
  12. I've been looking at that bag on Elux too Crystal. I like the unique shape and the color combo. I have never seen one IRL, so I can only go by the pics too, but I like it!:yes:
  13. Wow ..I love that color especially in josephine PM..

    I think you should get it Crystal because it's pretty much the last chance.
  14. That is pretty! WOW! I've never seen that one!
  15. Dang that's hot!

    I love it! It's as gorgeous as the dark blue one.