Does anyone have anything in rose legacy leather?

  1. I haven't seen the leather legacy framed slim envelope IRL but on the Coach site it looks like a nice pink. Has anyone seen it, or can anyone post their own pics of the rose?
  2. This is my Legacy rose flap... I looooooooooooove it and the color!!
  3. Thank you, Maya! It is beautiful. Would you say it's more pink than red? It looks that way in your picture, too.
  4. :love::girlsigh::drool: Love the 06 Rose Legacy color.....
  5. Yes, definitely PINK. Not even a hint of red!! It's like a dusty bubblegum rose pink... if you can imagine that. Haha.
  6. The ones out now are NOT a thing like on In person they are coral colored...I don't know where they got the name rose

  7. I second that , the new rose color is more of a salmon , coral color. Not pink at all to me!:sad:
  8. oh man!!!!!!!!where to get this????
  9. I love that color! I think it's def. perfect for sprintime!
  10. They are right. I was going to get something in rose for PCE and they all looked like an orangy rose. Blecchhhh
  11. Here is my legacy rose shoulder;)
    Ebay Pics 626.jpg

  12. :drool:OMG that is beautiful
  13. I guess legacy rose and bleecker rose (way more reddish) are two different colors of rose! :confused1:

  14. Man I wish I was into Coach at the time this came out! I would have snatched it up in a second had I known it existed! It is gorgeous!!
  15. Dont fret lol, I got mine late too......e-bay baby!:tup: