Does anyone have anything in "Acid Yellow"?

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  1. I really want something in this color but I would like to see it first in real life. The trouble is the closest store to me that would carry this color is 60 miles away. If anyone has anything in this color could you please post pictures? Thank You
  2. They have the Wilson crossbody bags on zappos....

  3. I don't know if you're still interested in the acid yellow, but I just received the mini mac today. It's more neon and brighter than this photo in real life, comparable to a highlighter yellow to me. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396920382.650192.jpg

  4. Thank You!! Very pretty!!
  5. Acid yellow

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  6. Ooh this is gorgeous. I'm tempted to purchase a Mini MAB tote in the same colour. The leather is more structured and hardier so i reckon colour transfer will be minimal?
  7. The color looks very similar to my lemon MAM - the color is very electric in real life :smile:
  8. I've been very tempted by RM's yellow bag options. First it was the mini mab tote that got me (I didn't buy it off shopbop and it just disappeared), then I saw the mini mac, the five zip and finally most recently the mini mab tote again in marigold. Loving all the styles and the lovely pop of colour@
  9. i bought a yellow mini Affair last year. the official color name is Sunny. it looks very similar to Marigold to me. this is a happy color that makes me smile esp during the summer :sunnies
  10. [​IMG][/QUOTE]

    Drool worthy! Such a fun pop of color!
  11. My first RM arrived today! :nuts: Say hello to my new 5 zip mini in Acid Yellow! The first pic is pretty close to the real life color but I'd say it's a smidge more saturated/brighter in person.



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    So pretty I am looking at getting the mini affair in this combo or the Jules Cross body.
  13. Thanks! I actually had to make a decision between this 5-zip mini and the Jules crossbody. I had my eye on Jules first but ultimately decided on the 5-zip because I wanted something flatter and I like that it can be used as a clutch too. You can't go wrong with Acid Yellow, it's really a fab, fun color. Good luck making a decision!

  14. I'm talking about the cross body that looks like the boyfriend she use to have not the rectangular bag if that makes sense.

    Please PM me if you see an Alexander Wang Rockie in black leather with nickel hardware at less than retail.