Does anyone have anything from the Diagonal CC ligne?

  1. I'm just curious that I haven't seen any bags from the diagonal CC ligne around. I thought they were cute and whimsical IRL at the trunk show. But I haven't seen anybody post anything about it, nor have I seen any for sale on eBay.

    Did anyone else like it? or do you have one?
  2. I agree ... it doesn't seem like any one on TPF has one. I've seen them in Bloomingdales and thought they were quite cute as well. I was going to get one but it just wasn't on the top of my list to buy. Would love to see pictures though!
  3. I actually love this line, but it is very expensive. I want to say they start around $3000. Just too much for me to pay. Last time I was at NM they had a black one. I love this blue's $3400. (I'm sure it will be more beginning sept 1)

  4. I think Butterfille sp? has one. the collection is beautiful and I love that blue one, saw it in black, its so big but yes very pricey.
  5. [​IMG]
    They had an even BIGGER tote than this one in the paris blue color. ABsolutely TDF. I think it was around $3900.
  6. The black tote like the one pictured is my dream bag and one day I WILL have it. Hopefully sooner, rather than later with the looming price increase!
  7. I love them and also wonder why there aren't more out and about. At the Charlotte NM, I saw a small white one that was $1595, I think. I almost bought it, but the white scared me off. It was sooo soft, though. So they aren't all large and top-price.
  8. I've got that one pictured above in black. Its a great business bag!!
  9. I have a small black flap. It's so soft even my DH loves the feel of it. I like the chunky chain with leather woven!
  10. I have the calfskin diagonal cc flag in black. I thought it's medium size. I love it, I can wear it in both way on the shoulder or across the shoulder by adjusts the chain. It can be casual or chic.
  11. Here's a pic from the Chanel website:

  12. that blue is tdf!
  13. I really liked this ligne from pics and trunk show, but the ones that I saw at the stores got scratched really quickly just from being on the shelf. The delicate lambskin plus the high price tag stopped me from considering the ligne.
  14. its soooo pretty!! What colors does it come in?
  15. Good to know!