Does anyone have any

  1. advice on a LV bag that I could use for work and school?

    That would be big enough for books and files.

  2. Cabas Mezzo!
  3. If you like damier, I vote for the Chelsea tote! I absolutely love mine. I use it for work and travel, and it's just so perfect!
  4. YES! You can fit TONS of stuff in one :love:
  5. I'm a fan of the Batignolles Horizontal. You can fit tons in there and it's such a great-looking bag.
  6. cabas mezzo
    saleya gm
    antigua cabas gm
    chelsea tote
    bastille (saw a girl on campus with one and it is cute on)
  7. ^^ agreed with all the above!

    + the BH - Batignolles Horizontal
  8. I say BH
  9. Yes! I have the Cabas Mezzo and the Batignolles Horizontal and they're great for toting around larger items!
  10. If you can find one. Then I say the Reade GM
  11. Mezzo!
  12. BH is a great choice, but the Mezzo will hold everything for sure!
  13. mezzo too!!! Big Time
  14. Another vote for the BH.
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