Does anyone have any reviews on the Fendi Boston bags?

  1. I have a Boston and I love it. I dont carry it as much as I should but I really like it.
  2. I absolutely loveeeee my Fendi!! Here's a picture of mine:

  3. I really like it.
  4. I know the thread's old but in case anyone else ever searches for reviews:
    I just got my Boston bag over Christmas (2011). I love it. It's so roomy and sturdy. I was afraid of it losing it's shape and the bottom not staying flat since it's not completely hard bottomed. But that doesn't happen. And I carry a lot of stuff in my purses so it's not like I'm not testing it. And finding out that the zipper locks to the side was the best surprise feature ever. And I got told by a guy hair stylist in my hair salon that he loved the bag - isn't that the biggest compliment? I think so.
  5. A true classic! Never goes out of style
  6. I have fallen in love with the striped zucca duffel on the Neiman's website. I think it is a version of the Boston and am glad to see these new reviews and opinions. Has anyone seen this bag in person.
  7. I think I like the Fendi version more than the LV :girlsigh:
  8. I have the Boston in black and gold. Bought in 2009 and still loving it. I prefer it to LV 's speedy :smile:
  9. Hey guys, I saw the beige one at TJ Maxx Runway in Durham, NC this morning.
  10. Fendi bags are just lovely. Here's my boston bag
  11. Can someone tell me the price for the small zucca boston. Can't find any online info.
  12. I would love a boston
  13. Just bought a brand new one of of bagborrowsteal!
  14. currently looking to get myself a boston as well. I think they are just beautiful! more timeless than LV's speedy IMO...and more unique!

    drooling over this one... but there's very few of these on google images so i hope it is an actual fendi model