Does anyone have any problem with their lockits??

  1. Okay not to scare anyone ... But I was just wondering if
    this is normal. I used my mirroir lockit the other day for
    the first time. And I noticed when the handles rub against.
    each other the silver sealing along the edges of the handles
    leaves this sticky glue like residue on the handles. Is
    this normal? Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. Oooh, I haven't noticed anything. Of course, I just received my gold Lockit yesterday and I've only used it around the house going from mirror to mirror (LOL) to admire the bag. I'll keep an eye on it, though. I hope nothing is wrong!!
  3. hmmm... that I didn't notice, but the handles really PINCH my skin. I was wearing short sleeves and the day was hot, and since the PVC material doesn't exactly "slide" on my skin, the two handles squeeze together and hurt me.... I've talked to another PFer and she said the same thing too.
  4. hmm, i haven't had this problem with mine at all and i've used it 3 times now.. i carry it in my hand and so far so good..
  5. After you asked I hasd a look it's on one of my handles but it rubs off so I'm ok with it

  6. Really?! Mines doesn't really come off. I usually have to use my nails to scratch it off. But more of the sealing transferred on to the handles and it's really hard to remove.
  7. Thus far, no issues to report with my gold lockit.
  8. yep I just rub it with my thumb and it all comes off really easy, it's right near the stitching on the handle right??
  9. My silver lockit was finally delivered today via fedex. I just noticed that the handles are very sticky. I am pretty sure this is due to the sealant on the handles. Is this normal or do I have a defective bag?? Should I return it??

  10. Label Addict: Yup it's near the stitching ... it's so sticky~ I just figured it was a freshly made bag. But sometimes I wonder if I carry it on a hot day it will just all melt away.

    Penn: I don't think you have a defective bag. As you can see some of us are experiencing that. It does come off you just have to kind of work at it.

    Hey did this happen for the mirroir speedys as well? Does anyone know? anyone?
  11. P- Thanks. I did notice in your post that some other members have experienced the same problem with their lockits. I am a bit surprised that this is happening to these bags. Afterall it is LV and so I would expect the quality to be a little better. I am tempted to return it, but can't decide.:confused1:
  12. Well Penn ....

    At first it did bother me a bit and I thought I might have just gotten a faulty bag. But it does rub off eventually, it's a bit annoying to buy such an expensive bag and have to rub sealings of the handles after every use. But what can I say, I love blinding people on the street with my bag. Maybe it will get better as time progresses. I think you should keep it!
  13. why don't you just call the store or pop in and show them see what they say
  14. p - thanks for your advice! :flowers:
  15. LA - I phoned my local boutique this morning and the SA said this seems to be a common problem because of the sealant. She also said there's really nothing that they can do for the can't be fixed nor repaired.