does anyone have any problem with the pouchette's leather strap?

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  1. at the end of the leather strap it is a loope attached to the bag,the other end has the D ring.

    there are some splits on the surface of the loope, are they normal? :confused1: or it is defective?
  2. Do you have a pic?
  3. The splits are normal - they are there to allow the brass hinge to pass thru.
  4. yes did you see at the right hand side corner there is a slipt on the surface of the leather?
    mine is same as this one
  5. here is the picture

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  6. did you see the right hand side, there is a split on the surface.
  7. just afraid if i exchange, it will the same problem,
    in the circle, that's the crack i am talking about

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  8. that's normal :yes:
  9. Definitely normal.
  10. Yea its bound to happen.. happened to my azur pochette.. I was a little worried.. but then I looked at my other pochette.. and they are like that.
  11. It's supposed to look like that. Don't worry!