does anyone have any picture showing carrying White MC pouchette? please share

  1. i am thinking to buy the white MC pouchette, and i want to see what's look like on girls.

    Thank you!:yahoo:
  2. I believe there are 1-2 pics in the "Visual Aids" Sticky above... you just have to look through each page. ;)
  3. Here ya go... on page 18, post 258: Love23's White MC Pochette
  4. [​IMG]
  5. the size is not that small at all, i like it very much
  6. I dont' have a pic of myself actually wearing it, but I have a pic of things I usually carry in it...Although I usually have A LOT of room left! I just carry these things because they're MY ESSENTIALS, but you could fit a LOT more!
    • Large PDA
    • Bluetooth Device
    • Cozy Purse or any Small Wallet
    • Keys
    LVixen 210.jpg
  7. Here's another size reference picture (far left):

  8. She looks so fab with that bag, that I'm dying for one too!