Does anyone have any pics of the new MFF ergo satchel?

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  1. The one that was rumored to be one of the Black Friday deals? Anyone? I used to have the rose leather pleated ergo satchel. I ended up returning it because it was a bit big for me, but I'm still in love with, at least, the idea of this bag. I might need to try it again.
  2. They are very much the same, except with a different lining.
  3. Yes, I agree, it is a very good copy of the original, I really like the work they did on it.
  4. I really like it too! I just saw them at the outlets last night. I should have taken Outlet Spy photos. The Magenta one is TDF! Added to my Santa wishlist! hehe
  5. Had the black one in hand last night $179. I would say to stay away from the gray "patent." I use the term lightly because it looked and felt like plastic. The turquoise and berry color were beautiful though. I guess the lining and the leather just aren't as luxe. I have a patent pink and there is a difference in the leather.
  6. I totally agree!! I was saying the same to my hubby last night about the "Patent" gray looking plastic. *ack*
  7. I briefly glanced as I walked by. The white/gold one was kinda neat. They really didnt do anything for me but I didnt actually touch one. I was carrying my platinum pleated framed ergo and I didnt think they looked as pretty as she did.
  8. WHY can't they just bring back the old Ergo hobos and totes?!!
  9. Hahaha.. I was carrying mine too (in order to compare). Style is the same - only difference (from what I could tell) is the brown lining - I couldn't really tell the difference on the outside but then again, all that was left was the turquoise one and the berry patent and I've never seen a leather or patent one IRL to compare. The only observation about the leathers was that I felt the turquoise was fairly soft (and I'm sure would get softer with use) and the patent leather was similar to that of the Tribeca.

    If I didn't already have my Platinum one, I would have bought one because I really like that style since it first came out in the boutiques, before I could afford to start collecting Coach - but I don't duplicate styles or colors in my collection.. and if I didn't already get a gift for sis, I would have gotten her the berry patent because she totally loves my Ergo.
  10. Sorry double post!
  11. I saw them at the outlet today too. Funny...the grey one did look like plastic!
    Not my style but if you have the should probably just go ahead and scratch it!
  12. Sorry, no pics, but I saw them too. I could barely tell the difference from the originals- they even had the same blue and pink in patent. It seems the price was quite similar, too, though- too similar for my tastes. Then again, I felt the bag was too large for me as well. I use a large ergo hobo, but the slouch makes it work.
  13. I am sorry I do not have pictures but I purchased one for my SIL because they are so close to the orignals and really nice. I go the Cream on with the stunning purple lining.