does anyone have any mental rules like this:

  1. i was just thinking about this whilst reading a different post... do you have any rules when purchasing designer gear... i have this (very felxable) rule where onc ei own 3 pieces from a designer i move onto the next (appart from lv of course), i kind of makes me feel i have conqured a brand and makes me feel a sense of acomplishment, maybe cos im young and i cant afford much designer stuff i feel i should spread my money out more but yeah thats my shopping rule!
  2. LOL... OMG...It just takes one purchase for me to feel like I conquered the brand... Haaaa too funny..

    But I must admit that I have more than 3 LV bags and plan to have more!! :smile:
  3. yay at least someone else feel similar to me lol
  4. Hmmm.. interesting naughty, I honestly never think it this way! For me, I never make any plan on when to move on to the next brand. The time just comes naturally, often when I see a brand new bag. But I have to admit, what has happen to me is like a progress, I started off with Gucci, Prada, Coach, Celine, Loewe, Luella, TOD's, and Bottega. And then I discovered LV, and now Hermes. But I seriously never plan on when to make the move to the next brand :biggrin:
  5. I don't skip from brand to brand that much- I usually try to get a mix of all of them at the same time (ex: 1 Louis & 1 Ferragamo vs. 2 Louies) But I have moved away from Coach- they can still put out a decent bag, but I don't want to carry a brand that I see on Hollister-wearing 14 year-olds at the mall. If I ever buy Coach again, it'll be at the outlets!
  6. I try not to look like a walking billboard. I'm not a big monogram/damier fan. I :heart: Vernis and Epi =)

    But I only shop at LV and Chanel now for bags. I rarely buy bags though, my passion for it has settled haha.
  7. ehh.. i try not to be a BRAND whore... i'm more of an LV whore than anything else. the only other non-lv item i have is my gucci 4key wallet.
  8. Interesting - I know exactly what you mean. Not that I'm looking for brands to move on to, but I do reach a "saturation" point. Now, if my resources were more vast, I'm sure I wouldn't think about that. But I still prefer LV. I think I more want to get a piece from every line, rather than a bag in every brand!
  9. My only rule is to get LV bags when I can afford them because I've always wanted them. Until, that is, I can afford a Hermes Kelly bag! Chocolate Brown.
  10. Not really. My only rule is "The More The Merrier"!!!:biggrin:
  11. No, I've never thought that.
    It takes some of the fun out of enjoying a purchase if I were to always be conscious of imposing a 3-item limit per brand.
  12. oh its not a strict rule if gucci brought out something i loved and had to have i would buy it but i like to restict it to that so i can broaden my collection
  13. my kinda girl :lol:
  14. :roflmfao: Mine too.
  15. The only rule I have is that I never go into the LV boutique unless I am going to buy something. My sa has figured it out, so now everytime she sees me she basically runs to me. :smile: