Does Anyone Have Any Las Vegas Hotel Promotional Codes Or Discount

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  1. Hi EVERYONE!!!!!!!!
    I was planning on going to vegas for new years and wanted to see if anyone had any promotional codes. If anyone has anything for he venetian,bellagio, ceasars palace, ect.. That would be great!!!!!

    Thanks again!!!
  2. No promo's, but I did find an interesting site about upgrading your room:
    Basically, it gives tips on slipping the check-in clerk a $20 tip. There's even a list of the hotels and reviews on how well it worked at eack specific placem and what they were upgraded to. Some people went from a standard room to a penthouse suite.
  3. My husband and I went to Vegas during Thanksgiving weekend. We stayed in Wynn and Bellagio for two nights each (we wanted to experience both). We did the $20 tip experiment ($20 wedged between your ID and credit card) and it worked in both. It worked better in the Wynn where we had reserved a resort room, and the front desk rep gave us a salon suite. It wasn't the best view but it was an awesome room.

    For shows, you may want to check:
  4. So it really works!? I'm going to vegas in middle of december I think I'd be a little embarrassed to do it though.
  5. Yes, it definitely works. It may not seem like they noticed the bill but this happens more than anyone thinks it does...

    However, I have read in other forums that it's more difficult to get an upgrade at the Bellagio.
  6. You might have some difficulty getting a deal on New Years Eve in Vegas. Something that has worked for me, is going to Priceline and seeing which hotels they list as 4 and 5 star in the area I want. I then put in a very low offer, like $100. Last year I did that for a trip to NYC and ended up at the Waldorf for $95/night...and it was a great room with a wonderful view. But, that said, Priceline is risky if some of the hotels on the list are some you would not want to stay.
  7. So interesting! I'm going to Vegas right after Christmas, so I'll try that $20 sandwich trick and see if they give me an upgrade!
  8. I guess any topic is fair game on this forum lol. Anyway just to let you guys know.....the manner in which you pull it off is just as important as the value of the tip. If you're expecting this to be something like you do at the grocery line you're bound to not get the best upgrade you can unless you put an unconventionally high tip (i'd say at least 50$). Otherwise, it's probably best to treat these people very well and chit chat in a friendly manner.
  9. Actually, $20 works fine. If you read the comments on the site I linked, most reviewers used just $20 and got some great upgrades. I had a friend's cousin try it at the Bellagio and she got upgraded and 2 buffet comps for $20.
    As for the possible embarrassment, I'll be hiding in the lobby while my husand tries it.
  10. You should try this site:
    That is how I booked my hotel when I went in September with my dad and grandma. You can get pretty good last minute deals on there too...
  11. This site is great:

    You can sign up for a players card for the MGM/Mirage hotels online that covers mgm, mirage, monte carlo, bellagio, and some others for discounted rates. Here's the link:

    Unfortuntaely you can not sign up for total rewards online (this card covers Caesars, flamingo, harrahs, etc. That card you have to get in person.

    Also if the rate goes down online you can call & request they lower it.
    Last time we stayed @ MGM I called them 3 diff times to have our rate dropped & they did it no problem for myself & friends of ours also.
  12. ^^^to my knowledge this rate lowering only works if you've booked direct with the hotel & not through a 3rd party or package site like Expedia.
  13. Thank you all so much for the tips and links!!!!!
  14. D159GM for Bellagio's Winter Offer 2007, deluxe room from 159, and a salone suite from 299, expires 1/3/08, they're sun-thursday rates!