Does anyone have any idea?

  1. I am 25 years old female and have rarely found any good quality, soft lingerie that fits my body size just right on the net. I am almost 5 foot. I cannot find anything that fits right, everything is always too long or too big around in the waist. If anyone can please help me to find a good store online, it will be appreciable. Thanks!
  2. Have you looked at figleaves?
  3. I like that website too. They sell Hanro, which is soft and nice. There's also a website called
  4. Oh yeah Hanro is beautiful and Zimmerli too
  5. Methinks the OP and thoms_jimmy are the same person. Funny, answering one's own question.
  6. Sure does sound like an advertising post!!
  7. Am I missing something? I'm confused!:confused1:
  8. ^ Oh, I think I just figured it out!
  9. ;)