Does anyone have any idea??

  1. Does anyone have any idea?? does anyone have any idea of the name of this bag?! it s GORGEOUS!

  2. The c's aren't right, I think it's a fake.
  3. [​IMG]

    item number 7065

  4. Do you know if the posted pic of the pink coach is indeed a fake?
  5. the drilldown pics c's don't match up either, so it might be real.. its a mirror image except for the color...
  6. It looks good to me. Do you have a picture of the creed? That would help you verify. :tup:
  7. In my honest opinion, the pink is not a fake. I tried to get it to come up pink but I don't know the codes for that color. You can call the 800 number and ask if they can give you info on an old style and give them the style number. They might be able to tell you more. And yes, get a pic of the creed patch. It should have that same style number regardless of color.
  8. I think this is the burgundy vintage satchel. About 2 years ago Coach produced a vintage shoulder bag and satchel in brown suede and signature and gold, blue, and burgundy. I think it was part of a limited edition. I got a gold and brown suede "vintage shoulder bag" at the outlet about a year ago. It is a really pretty bag. This I think is the satchel. I think it is real. I cannot see though..what it looks like standing up. It is more burgundy than that picture show. It shows it in the leather as a more pink than it actually is. Where is the picture from? eBay? Hope that helps. P.S. This may not be that bag. It may be the outlet version of it as I think of it. The satchel was more rounded from the Boutique. sorry...