Does anyone have any idea about.....

  1. new purses that are going to be released in 08.....
    I didn't mean those colorful runway bags, something new from mono, damier, azur, epi or MC. Has anyone saw the look-book already? gosh, I know I am impatient...:hysteric: Any ideas ? Thanks a lot!:heart::heart:
  2. My SA told me the actual general lookbook will be out this week, so hopefully someone will have more info... !!! I'm with ya, none of the runway LE's are calling me.....
  3. you should take a look at the s/s pics thread. there are a few non runway bags featured.
  4. ^ITA, there's mono EVA, which is like the world wide version of Sophie, just smaller metal plaque.
  5. There's Montorgeuil and Galliera...both Mono.
  6. Thanks everyone, I did go back to SS to check the new models. So far, nothing really jumps into my :heart:. I feel that so many models/designs are repeated, not exactly copy, but you can see one's shadow from another. Maybe I am being so picky this year...:s
  7. all that's mentioned in the SS summary is pretty much what there is there is one more tall mono bag that has been mentioned but nobody really pick up on it comes in damier too
    off the top of my head

    Damier neverful & tall bag
    Mono tall bag, galliera, moto & eva
    azur I don't remember seeing any
    MC bevely in black and marilyn with gold trims
    suhali don't recall seeing any

    I think that's it
  8. Hi Label, thanks alot for the infor. What does the tall bag look like, is it similar to Bucket? I guess the only thing that I want to see is damier neverful. I really wish they have something new in azur, and new zippy coin wallet in damier. And who knows how long take they to release those....:supacool:

    anyway, thanks again! :heart::heart: