Does anyone have any experience with....

  1. the Castlerock outlet in Colorado? I'm looking for my very first Coach purse. Do they have a good selection, good prices? I am thinking about getting an Ergo. Do they even carry those down there? When is the best time to go. It's about a 40 minute drive and I was thinking about going down tomorrow. Sorry for all of the questions but I'm new here and to the brand. I've always wanted one but I just couldn' justify the cost. My husband said if I wanted one he would get me one for Christmas (we all ways buy each others gift after Christmas). Thanks for your help
  2. Hi! :smile:

    I'm familiar with the Castle Rock outlet!!! :smile: I was just there a couple days ago and they had a great selection! They have ergo totes and ergo hobos, fall patchwork Carlys, lots of Bleecker bags, and then the usual factory bags! Have fun!!!