Does anyone have any experience with this baby bag?

  1. Hello! Hope I am able to help you.

    This baby bag is incredibly roomy with a plethora of pocks for bottles, diapers and more room than you can wish for. The shoulder straps are long enough to fit comfortably on your shoulder and under your arm - some bags aren't because the strap is rolled, too hard and very short. This is just perfect because the straps are shoulder worthy. The crossbody strap is removable, so if you find if unnecessary, you can always take it off.

    For the exterior, they have two ruched side pockets that can adjust to the sizes and shapes of the bottles / items that you place into it. Extremely helpful if you have full hands and you don't want to dig into your bag. Easy access!

    As for the fabric, it's extremely durable. The black beat check is great, especially if your husband and / or loved one doesn't want a feminine looking baby bag. He's able to cart it around without feeling emasculated with pink or baby blue gender specific baby bags.

    It's very neutral and able to match with outfits. The good thing is that once you have your baby (and they grow up), you can use this bag on a day-to-day basis to do errands and such. As stated, it does come with a changing pad and easily packed away into the extra large interior pocket on the inside. The fabric used is nylon, so it's extremely durable and because it's the black beat check, if you have any spills: you won't see it.

    They do still carry this bag within Burberry stores, so you're more than welcome to stop by a nearby Burberry (if you're close to one) to see it in person. :biggrin:

    Should you have any more questions, please let me know.
  2. Great info! Thank you!
  3. What a pretty style. The interior is all black too though right? I wouldn't be able to find anything without a light inside, especially at night. LOL.
  4. Good point!
  5. my mum has the haymarket babybag and we all love it
    i heard that burberry baby bags aren't as spacious as regular ones but we can fit a lot in there and it's really practical to use ( but we don't use the outside pockets as much, just for pacifiars and little things )
    the advantage of the black one is probably that you can wear it with jeans when you wear it cross body
    but i do recommand the burberry bags and they're great daytime bags for when the baby is grown ( we plan to give it to her (my baby sister) as her travelling bag for when she's a little older)