Does anyone have any experience with MRSA?

  1. My brother went to collect mum from hospital this morning, she had surgery 10 days ago, she is 85. On way home his cell phone rings, it is the staff nurse from hospital "Oh by the way, apologies but we neglected to tell you that your mother tested positive for MRSA"
    We were not told to take any precautions while visiting. My daughter was in & her immune system would be compromised as she has Glandular fever (but was no risk to mum as she had it)
    Apparently MRSA is in her nose, probably throat, groin & underarm. Of course we haven't told her as that was her big dread that she would get MRSA if she thinks she has it she will lie down & die!! I called the hosp this evening they said I could make a complaint if I wished that we were not informed. I told them I was not interested in complaining that I just wanted information. They said she is probably colonised (meaning just on skin) as she has no other infections, apparently it is only dangerous when you have?? The problem now is that everyone working with her - district nurse, carers need to wear gloves, aprons & have hib scrub. I have told them to say it is new regulations for health & safety which they will but I cannot control what the nurse will tell her. After the sutures come out she will need to be treated for it so she will have to know.
    She really would need to know that we cannot do any work with her like tonight she told my daughter to move a straw that she had drunk from from a cup to a glass!!!! What a bloody nightmare!!!! I have got really unsatisfactory info from hospital & don't know anything about the implications for her! I am quite distraught about this & would appreciate any input that I can get. Thanks
  2. OOH..I have dealt with alot of MRSA patients ..I used to be a therapist in the hospital.
    It basically means she is RESISTANT to meds(ANTIBIOTICS).....ALOT of patients requiring long term care have this...and unfortunatly-it has become VERY common.
    here is a CDC link...
    Overview of Healthcare-associated MRSA
    Go to Community-Associated MRSA

    Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) is a type of bacteria that is resistant to certain antibiotics. These antibiotics include methicillin and other more common antibiotics such as oxacillin, penicillin and amoxicillin. Staph infections, including MRSA, occur most frequently among persons in hospitals and healthcare facilities (such as nursing homes and dialysis centers) who have weakened immune systems.

    MRSA infections that are acquired by persons who have not been recently (within the past year) hospitalized or had a medical procedure (such as dialysis, surgery, catheters) are know as CA-MRSA infections. Staph or MRSA infections in the community are usually manifested as skin infections, such as pimples and boils, and occur in otherwise healthy people. (see Community-associated MRSA. )

    Background/General Information
  3. Thanks so much for reply Jill I am just wondering if we her family are at risk now & would need tested, do you know?
  4. ^Honestly..Mostly ONLY immuno compromised people should worry...I never worry about the MRSA contact as long as Im healthy
  5. Thanks so much Jill I was so worried about my daughter as she has glandular fever!
  6. I had glandular fever it sucks but back to topic I have heard of nurses telling people going into hospital to eat manuka honey to help prevent against MRSA. Manuka honey is a honey made from tea tree so it has good anti viral anti bacterial etcetc properties you can get it in different strengths so that may be good for your family to take as a preventative measure for your family
  7. Ah thanks so much i will get that tomorrow
  8. I don't know if it is the same thing or not, but my mom was hospitalized for over a week with a antibiotic resistant staph infection which started as a boil on her back. She ended up in the hospital because one of the antibiotics prescribed (I think it was bactrum) killed almost all of her blood platelets and white blood cells. She had to have several platelet transfusions and iv antibiotics for a week. Would you believe AFTER she was discharged we discovered that everyone who came into contact with her was supposed to wear protective gowns and masks. Good thing to find out after the fact! There was a placard on her door, but the nurses and doctors seemed to ignore it. We didn't pay attention to it until the day she was discharged and I happened to pull it out and read it. I think her immune system was so low that the protection was supposed to be both for her and us! She has recovered, and everyone else is okay too.

    I know you're frustrated. We weren't able to pin down solid answers from the hospital either. Grrrrr.
  9. Roz

    Oh no, just what you needed after a rough couple of weeks!!!

    I agree with Jill.

    MRSA shouldn't be a problem for you or anyone else in your house. Your daughters glandular fever will not put her in the immuno compromised catagory. The best defense against MRSA is good handwashing. Sounds simple, but it's the best defense. Everyone should wash their hands thoroughly after contact with the infected person...try not to worry! I am sure everything will be fine.
  10. Glad that your mum is ok now, probably was MRSA. Dreadful the reaction that the meds caused. It really is not good enough that like us you were not given accurate information. I am quite angry over our situation but just hope that mum will recover
  11. Thanks Siri Anne, We are really worried today as the wound is not bleeding, if the MRSA gets into the wound that's probably the end for mum. Oh the rough times are never going to end
    Thanks for kind words
  12. Good advice everyone, I also concur that it's pretty harmless as long as you are not immunocompromised and keep up good sanitary habits. You're mom will be alright as long as she's got a good immune system and not on a lot of corticosteroids.

    The hospital staff are being extra careful because they don't want to spread the MRSA to more sickly patients who might not have the immune system to tolerate it, it's not anything personal with your mother...

    Hope your mother has a safe and speedy recovery!
  13. Thanks Thithi, The thing is the hospital were not careful at all didnt tell us when we were visiting & they let other patients who had just had surgery wander in & out of her ward! How careless is that!
  14. I had to do a search on this. I'm a nervous wreck right now and don't do well with medical issues being a hypochondriac because now I'm convinced I has a blood infection :sad: Last night I was in bed and happened to feel a cluster of bumps on the back of my thigh a few inches down from my butt. I shot out of bed and showed my SO and he said it looked like a bunch of bumps, no idea what it as. I decided to calm myself down and this morning I looked at it I've never had anything like it before! Even though I probably shouldn't do this, I was in search on the internet for more info and I it appears to look like a staph infection!

    Clusters of about 12 small boils, only a few that have the white tops. It doesn't appear to be effecting the skin around in as in it being red. Ugh, I know you can't diagnose stuff over the internet but should I go to a Dr asap, or watch it for a couple days? I don't have a regular Dr., so I'd have to go to a walk in clinic and I hate going to the Dr. I'm freaking out a little :sad: