Does Anyone Have Any Experience Shipping to Malaysia? How Do I Protect Myself?

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  1. I have an offer on one of my items and I'd like to accept the offer. Problem is the buyer is in Malaysia. How do I protect myself. Do they have signature confirmation and insurance internationally? Also does anyone know the approximate cost to ship to Malaysia?

    Thanks girls, you are the best!
  2. I did ship to Malaysia once, and I will never do it again...actually, I will not ship outside the US & Canada because of it. I sold a Coach Mini Skinny and I sent it the way the buyer wanted. It ended up getting "lost" and I was out the money and the mini skinny. Never again:tdown:!
  3. First, regarding protection, Malaysian addresses cannot be confirmed by Paypal so you will not be protected by Paypal.

    You could accept a bank transfer for payment (search this forums for threads about this payment method). This way, you will definitely get the money and the buyer cannot do a chargeback.

    Next, shipping. It's a personal preference, of course, but I have chose to ship to many countries using USPS Express mail (also called EMS) with insurance and signature confirmation. EMS is trackable.

    Shipping costs will depend on the size, weight, insurance amount and destination of the package so it's impossible to generalize.

    What I do is pack up my package and take it to the post office for an estimate, which I use in my auction. It is usually very close to actual costs once posted to the buyer.

    What you will want to include in your auctions and confirm with your buyer is that any customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer not you.