Does anyone have any current NAP free shipping codes?

  1. As above... thanks :smile:
  2. Whoops, wrong site. Sorry!
  3. for a second there I got all excited!:push:
  4. I've only ever seen ONE code for free shipping from NAP and it was during last Christmas for the holiday season. Their shipping rate is steep, but you get your order REALLY fast (if you're in NY I heard sometimes you get it the same day!) and it's wrapped beautifully and will make you feel like princess getting a lavish present. All orders come with a dustbag, too!

    Also, if you decide to order from them, depending on where you live, it may be worth it to pay $25 for the next day delivery instead of trying to save money and getting the $12 shipping. My order took a whole week to reach me when I decided to go cheap!
  5. a week isn't long, is it?

    my things took about a week the few times i've ordered from them, and that was a LONG time ago. before they had the NY branch.
  6. Oh, no, a week isn't long and certainly didn't kill me, but the shipping scale is $12 for 3-5 day shipping but it ended up taking a week since I'm in Washington. I would have rather paid $13 extra and gotten my package next day ($25 is their overnight shipping) instead of waiting, because I'm impatient and love getting my stuff asap :p.
  7. can i ask what is NAP? is it a apparel company or a company that does express shipping? TIA - sorrry for being bonzo-ish
  8. Oh, don't worry about it :smile:.

    NAP stands for Net-a-Porter, a high-end boutique. They sell fabulous things but their shipping rates are quite staggering. Looks like I was wrong, too - it's $25 for NY same day shipping and $20 next day shipping everywhere else.