Does anyone have and east west paddington satchel?

  1. Hi! I'm thinking of getting an east west paddington satchel. Does anyone have any pics to share so I can get an idea size wise of the bag? I'd love to see pics in action, that will really help me decide! I'm not even sure if they come in different sizes, if anyone knows I'd appreciate the info. Thanks!
  2. I have the less popular size, the large one but it suits my needs fine. I find I have not much use for the bottom zip compartment in the beginning but now that's where I put my pack of wetnaps and a small pack of tissue.

    Here are the pics in the Show Us Your New Paddingtons thread:
  3. Here's rockerchic's medium one which I think looks great:


    Rockerchic, I hope you don't mind me posting it! :yes:
  4. Thanks so much for the info!! has a blanc on sale and I'm thinking of getting that one!! I love the grey you have, but I'm looking for a lighter color. I don't know how to paste and link quite yet, but if you get a chance to peek at it, let me know what you think. BTW- her stuff is authentic right?
  5. Rockerchic, seeing you wearing that bag makes me NEED one!!!
  6. Hi Chodessa!
    I bought my large east west paddy zippy from elizabeth thomas too! Mine is the chocolate. It is a beautiful bag but it's HUGE and very heavy. I've found the bottom zipper compartment not very useful and it's hard to open and shut gracefully. Also if the bottom compartment has stuff in it, it limits the top compartment a lot. I've found it works better to just use the top compartment. And again is a really large bag. I think it's something like 18 inches long.
  7. Thanks Lenabean! I think I'll be getting the blanc for Valentine's Day! : -)
    I do like big bags, does it fit on the shoulder?
  8. Fits very comfortably on the shoulder! :yes:
  9. i actually bought a blanc from as well. it was very nice GREAT COLOR but it was too large for me so i did return and now i'm getting the medium taupe one rockerchic has so if the larger size works GO FOT IT!! congrats and post pics. (her items are authentic)

    btw- i have posted several pics of myself with that exact bag check out my threads/posts.
  10. Oh you guys are so sweet!!! I love the zippy style! Here is another picture of me with a mousse zippy!
    mousse 001_1.jpg
  11. [​IMG]
  12. I love this bag! I have the large zippy in black, dark grey, taupe, blanc, whiskey, tan, and chocolate brown. I would get it in the mousse as well, if anyone knows about one out there! It's a great bag, and the large size is awesome!!
  13. Beanie,
    Can't believe you have that family of zippies!! Post pix!!
  14. wow, beanie!!! your list blows me away!!! 7 ZIPPIES!!! Can you post pictures? I would love, love to ogle at your collection!
  15. Oh I would LOVE to post pics of my collection, but since I don't have a digital camera, (spent so much on handbags! LOL) you'll have to take my word for it:smile: I (and my daughter) have been amassing our collections for the last two years and I probably could stock a store by now! Before Chloe I was very into MJ, but got rid of all of those except his original Stellas with the soft, thick leather and a few of the large suede ones that he made, with the locks and keys. I guess I love the Chloes so much because I am crazy for the hardware and the original soft leather. (One of the reasons I am not crazy about the current collection is the change in the leather and the lack of hardware.) :wlae: