Does anyone have an SA they can suggest for BG when dealing with Hermes?

  1. Thank you ladies. :heart:
  2. Yes. Should I have spelled that out in the title? Hmm.:confused1:
  3. *bump*

    Could someone kindy pm with a SA at BG? I would like to take advantage of the BG gift card event by purchasing some Hermes scarf and cashmere shawls. TIA.
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  5. Patricia is mgr. of the dept. I've dealt with her by phone... very nice!!

    Most of the other ladies I've talked with there don't seem to have a clue at all about Hermès.
  6. ;)
    :yes: Patricia is definitely the most knowledgeable one... Highly recommended!!!
  7. Thank you, lilac0485, Kallie Girl, Xiaoxiao. :flowers:
  8. Patricia told me she's retiring after holidays :sad:
  9. When/what is the big gift card event?
  10. Oh, no!!! Is there anyone else there who knows H? The other ladies usually encourage me to call back when Patricia is there. They don't know H at all. :confused1:

  11. Patricia has an anointed replacement. I think her name is Sarah.

    Let's all hope for the best.

  12. Although it is very sad that Patricia is leaving, I've also worked with Sarah before and she is quite knowledgeable.
  13. Agreed. Patricia is great, she helped me get my birthday present this year! Is Sarah the younger lady with dark hair? I have worked with her as well, she was very helpful and really knew her stuff.