Does Anyone Have An Oval Diamond Ring? Would Love Get Setting Ideas!

  1. I have a 1.6 C. Oval diamond with an unexciting setting. I'll try to post pics soon. Do any of you have an oval diamond of any size who can show pics to give me some ideas???? TIA!!!:confused1::search:
  2. OK...I hope I did it right. One thing I've just learned that even if it works, it's sure hard to take a pic of a diamond! As you can see in the 2nd pic, it is a very high setting and I prefer a low setting. Anyway, if anyone has a suggestion for a great setting, I'd love to see it!:yes:
    ring2.jpg ring3.jpg
  3. I have an oval!!! I cannot photograph jewelry for the life of me but I tried!!!

    DSC05461.JPG DSC05444.JPG DSC05438.JPG
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  4. ooooh pretty! Thank you and I hope others will keep the ideas coming!
  5. Have you checked There's a forum devoted to pictures of rings. I've been lusting after a beautiful oval halo ring on that site!
  6. I do love the trio of ovals like above on a plain band. It is simple, but it will transcend time.
  7. What do I click on to get to the forum devoted to pictures of rings??? Thanks for your help!:confused1:
  8. "Show Me The Ring" is the forum, but you can search all of the forums for "oval" and see pics.
  9. zacorey,
    I luv your ring!!! It's is one of the few rings that are simple yet so detailed! My SO & I are engagement ring shopping but can't decide on anything. Most likely we will have it custom made. I'm looking at oval, princess, cushion cuts right now. May I ask what is the ct sz on the center & side?
  10. Thanks for putting me onto this. They have some beautiful ideas. I even saw some stones placed east-west which were interesting but the halo ring is TDF!
  11. Hi twigski!

    Thanks for the nice comments!!!:heart: Well~ my ring has changed a lot since I first got it! Originally it was the same oval diamond but had a baguette on each side. I had it redone to the 3 oval diamonds a few years later. Then I had a jeweler make a wedding band that fit right under the ring so I could wear them both together on one hand. I love the details he did to the ring. I had him put little diamonds where he raised the stones so when you see it on the finger you can see the little diamonds that raise the setting. He also did some scroll work. I went to several sites to get ideas and printed out rings I liked and worked from that. The center oval diamond is 2.4 and the side ovals diamonds are .70.

    It's funny b/c I never went with my husband to pick out my stone!~ which I think a lot of girls do~ he went on his own and totally surprised me. I never thought I would wind up with an oval diamond~ it just never even crossed my mind. But~ I do really LOVE it. Not many people have it and it is so pretty. My husband said he picked it b/c it looked like a football to him!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

    Let me know what you end up getting!!!:heart: Good Luck!!!

    Here are 2 more pics of the sides~

    DSC05435.JPG DSC05433.JPG
  12. gorgeous ring zacorey :smile: I love the details...
  13. Zacory, I love the view of your wedding band snuggled up against the ering! The scroll work is so beautiful. Also, in addition to oval having the shape of a football (lol) I was told that oval is the rarest shape of diamond these days. Actually I was told that about a year ago but I won't be surprised if it's still true. Anyway, gorgeous ring and thanks for posting the pics!!
  14. THat is BLINGTASTIC!!!! WOW! Now I want an oval too! I really wish I wasnt "anti more than one ring on each hand"
  15. Thank you so much!!!:flowers::heart::flowers: I am so jewelry clueless so I don't know much about the rarity of the oval but that is so cool to know that it is rare. I've only come across one other woman with an oval diamond in all 10 years I've had the ring (so maybe it is rare?). I hope your ring comes out fabulous!!!:heart::heart::heart: Keep us posted!!!!