Does anyone have an Olive Gustto Baca?

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  1. Hey all! I am so intrigued by the new Olive Baca on Revolve... but I can't get a good handle on the color.

    Does anyone have this bag? Or does anyone know if the colors on Revolve are a good representation of how the bags look IRL?

    I'm actually hoping the color is deeper/darker than pictured. Here is a link:

    Olive Baca on Revolve
  2. I've been considering a Baca also. I saw the color on the site. I wish there was a way to see a better representation of color on the web. Are you the kinda gal who changes purses according to the outfit, or are you like me, and wear outfits according to what I carry? I obsess, and use my new purses until I tire of the look.
  3. I change purses often, but not too much based on what I'm wearing. The bags I have are pretty versatile, either in color or style. I love olive-colored bags, you can wear them with just about anything. I think an Olive Baca would be a stunning bag to wear casually with jeans.

    Hopefully someone here already has this bag and will be kind enough to post pictures for us. :smile:
  4. I think Olive is one of those colors that look different in each designers perception. I have an Olive Botkier Crosby Hobo and it isn't as green as it is a golden brownish color.

  5. Lexie, I think you're Botkier is kinda like my Balenciaga - it's really an Olive Brown color (that's what Balenciaga called it anyhow) - it's the bag that's shown in my Avitar. Greenish tones come out when the bag's in the sunlight and/or bright fluorescent lighting, otherwise the bag has a more of a brownish tint to it. I really like the color.
  6. Yes exactly....a greenish tone can come out in certain lighting but it looks more brown than green.
  7. I purchased the Baca bag in Caramel. I love it. I saw the bag in a toupe color (which might be the Olive). It was like a grayish putty. I thought that the caramel color was more year round (vs. the taupe color) since I live in Chicago and it gets cold here in the winter. So, I would try to see the color in person rather than the web so that you are sure. I know that the caramel color doesn't look great online but in person it's stunning. I get stopped all the time AND I have never seen anyone with it before.
  8. Wow, I am surprised that there are so many definitions of the color olive! To me, olive is the color of a green olive. I'm a simple girl, what more can I say?

    z&amommy, I could be wrong but from what I've seen taupe and olive should be two different colors. On Revolve, the olive Baca is listed as "new" and I think the taupe has been around for a while. Have you posted any pics of your Baca in action? We just love to goggle each others' bags... LOL
  9. I stand corrected the taupe is different than the Olive, but on the picture it looked very close. I will take pictures of my Baca and post this weekend. I love it though.....
  10. I also think the olive's a great color. I've bought two bags on revolve so far and their colors are dead on. So even though I'm hoping the color be a little deeper, my guess is it's probably very accurate on the website.
  11. ^Thanks for the info, purseinsanity. It's definitely a good thing that you think the colors are accurately represented on Revolve. I'm still crossing my fingers that the pic of the Olive Baca is slightly overexposed though. ;)
  12. Do you think you're going to get the bag? I'm soooo undecided between olive and rust! If you do get it, can you post pictures?
  13. ^No, not for a while. I've been so bad this year. The other day I figured out how many $$$ I've spent this year on bags... It doesn't seem like a lot when you get one bag here, another there... but add it all up and... OMG. I need a break.

    I'm so glad there are people here that can relate to that. Ha Ha.
  14. Oh I can relate to that for sure. The thing is though, I sold bags to get my new Baca so that doesn't seem as bad.

    I do plan to wait until Fall to get anything new. *fingers crossed behind my back*
  15. Nobody has an Olive Baca? Does anyone have any kind of Olive Gustto? I'd love to see some real life pics. I think the Olive Baca would be worth using my Revolve new customer discount, but I wanna be sure!