Does anyone have an Epi pocket organizer?

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  1. I really want at least ONE new piece of LV before the price increase tomorrow but I am on a budget. What do you think of this to go into my Speedy 30?

    Then when I have more $$ (or sell my Petite Noe) I will purchase the pochette in the same color.
    pocket organizer.jpg
  2. Go for it!!!
  3. yes i have one in Myrtille...and i use it a lot. i use it for frequently used cards (not credit cards), i.e., Gift cards, Store loyalty cards, and business cards of people I talk to frequently.
  4. I have one in Red. Here's the pix. You should definitely buy it before the price goes up. I was at the LV store over the weekend and bought one in Venice just b/c i was afraid of the price going up.
  5. Oooh, good to know! Do you all like the ones you have? Are they worth the money?
  6. i think it it's worth it depending on how much you use it...i use mine all the time, and you know, epi wears beautifully, so mine still looks pretty's small so it can fit in your pocket - hence the name - and still hold your essentials. perfect for a wallet if you don't carry much cash/change, and just use cards.
  7. Totally worth the money. Although i didn't pay for mine 'cuz my boyfriend bought it for me. But i use it all the time, such a classy piece :o)
  8. Would this fit into a wapity? The dimensions seem to be similar in terms of length and height, so I'm wondering if it would be a tight fit inside.
  9. Oops, what do you mean the prices are going up? On June 1?
  10. LOL this thread was started in February! :P The price increase already happened.
  11. I saw one on eBay weeks ago , it sold for 190 dollars if I good remember, one of my friend bought it and she loves it so go for it.
  12. ahhaha i totally jsut did the same thing and was freaking out. hahahah. then i looked at the date and i'm like.. ohhhhhhhhh nvm. hahahaha.
  13. lol
  14. phew!!! More time to decide LOL
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