Does anyone have an Elisa in "natural"??

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  1. I am wondering how the leather wears?? The darker colors would probably be easier to "maintain", but I really love the natural - goes so well with everything!

    Anyone have one?? TIA!:smile:
  2. anyone??
  3. wow.:confused1::confused1:
  4. Not that many people here have Elisas because they are only available in NYC. I've got the walnut and love it. I'm not much for natural in Coach (always seems to scratch a lot to me), but I'm sure it's beautiful (though if I weren't able to get the walnut I'd have gone for saddle).
  5. I'm thinking about getting that bag, but I think I'll get it in the Saddle - I wear a lot of denim and don't want to take a chance on a super light bag. The website says that it will be available to order 4/17/08 and it's in 4 colors now!!
  6. I have the Walnut & Geranium Elisas and they are in burnished leather. IDK if the Natural is the same leather, but it's a gorgeous color!
  7. ^^ I'd love it if you could post a pic of your Geranium one - it's not on the website and I don't get to NY that often and usually when I'm there on business I end up with zero free time to shop.
  8. Thanks you guys for posting the responses ^^^^! I'm glad to know you like your bags. I actually DID order the elisa with the Legacy Boutique. Even though they're not avail until mid April they will take your name now. After I gave them my info, they called me back 2 days later and said they had a couple come in and was sending one out to me!

    I really like this bag, just hope I ordered the right "color" for me.:smile:
  9. I have the walnut as well, and I have to say it is a gorgeous bag. :love: I really love it - the leather is wonderful. If it is the same burnished leather as the walnut in the natural you can't use cleaner, but you can condition it so any scratches should not be a problem.

    I can't wait to see your pics!
  10. OMG, she is so beautiful. I have been lusting over Elisa for quite awhile and am really thinking that next PCE, I am going to have to give in to the lust! Haven't decided on color yet, but she is gorgeous!
  11. I have the walnut Elisa as well. But I have to say out of all of them, I am totally IN LOVE with Coachgrl's geranium one!!! :love: