Does anyone have an Edith Bowler?

  1. This one?

    I ordered it from Neimans and it arrived. It's simply gorgeous but it's so BIG! Does anyone else have it and if so, do you use it on a daily basis, just to run errands, etc, or do you use it more for a work bag?

    I'm indecisive as to whether I'd actually make use of it and should I send it back? But then I love it too simply because of how it looks. LOL :nuts:
  2. Does Neiman Marcus let you return sale/clearance bags?

    Oh, and yes, I do have the Edith bowler in red and I LOVE it. It can nearly fit my laptop :p it's so big!! I think you should keep it and carry it often :smile:

    What color did you get?
  3. I have the exact bag pictured! I Love Her!!!! I do not carry her on a daily basis, but she is perfect for travel! Congratulations! She's a keeper!:tup:
  4. BTW NM has a 30 day return policy on their sale items. Keep her and if you get attached....keep her, if not return to use your $ on something you adore!
  5. Thanks you guys! I won a Paddington from a PFer the other day and it arrived and I LOVE IT, so I think this one may go back.
  6. Grace123,
    Will you still be returning the Edith Bowler? Please let me know I might just go ahead and buy it from you.