Does anyone have an authentic Gucci belt bag?

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  1. I want to find one for a trip to WDW and would like to see photos of some real ones I can trust.
    I'm looking through eBay because evidently they're a little difficult to find{?} and I need to have something authentic to compare them to.

  2. I'm not sure which bag that is.
  3. photo from eBay

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  4. anyone? anyone?:biggrin:
  5. those are cute bags! they just came out with one wiht turquoise-y leather! i was going to getone, but i opted for a lacoste belt bag instead b/c its coated canvas.
  6. Where'd you see one?

    Thanks Ayla!
  7. it is at Holts in Canada.
  8. Drats! I'm in Texas!
  9. hehe..i'm sure you can call up gucci and get them to locate one for you..if canada has it..texas surely will! haha
  10. Aren't they on SwankyMama
  11. That belt sure will look cute on you, SwankyMama!
  12. It is a cute belt, I loved when Carrie had it on so chic of course!
  13. I have you still need pics? It's the one like Carrie had in SATC, before they changed the belt to red and green stripe.