Does anyone have an Anna Corinna "Bender" bag?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been looking high and low for a white or whitish bag for the summer since I don't own any. I saw a few pictures of the AC Bender bag and wanted to know if anyone on the forum owns this bag? I'm curious as to what your opinions are.

    I have an AC mini city tote in black and love it, but have yet to see the Bender in person.

    For reference:

    Picture from Luna Boston

  2. I have seen this IRL but do not own it. They were selling the butterscotch color at Bloomingdale's. It is larger than the mini city and won't go comfortably on your shoulder so will have to be hand/arm held. I love her bags and I like the shape of this bag but the mini city is more versatile for me. Good luck.
  3. I saw this in both white and butterscotch at the Bloomingdales in San Francisco. I'd heard some criticism of the AC leather, so I groped the white one and actually found it to be really nice quality.
  4. I saw the white one at Bloomies; actually I almost bought it. The leather is soft, smooth and thick. I had mini city in tobacco; comparing to it, the white leather is much better.
    It does fit on the shoulder even with light jacket. I like the opening of the bag, too.
    If you can get with with a dscount/code, I'd say 'go for it'.
  5. SuLi
    where in DC area are you? I saw white Bender at Bloomies at Tysons Corner. It was about a month ago, tho.
  6. I have it in the caramel color. Its a fun bag not a bad price either.. the leather is a tad on the fragile side but its supposed to be distressed..
    I highly recommend it.. and the white is a good white too..
  7. Thanks for the tip...I'll remember to check Bloomies out the next time I'm at Tyson's!
  8. SuLi -
    I just saw this bag at Bloomies in White Flint on Tuesday - they only had one bag. Loved the shape/feel, but the opening is a bit awkward (hard to describe....separate the handles - then the zipper runs north/south).....
    Hope this helps.
  9. Wow I'm a fan of Anna Corinna after I bought the mini city... and I ordered her Jet setter jr. a couple of days ago... keke... I just love the styles... if u r looking for a white bag... the Jet setter jr. has a white one too... I had posted a thread for a 25% off at otte if u interested...
  10. There's a cheap one of these on eBay now, I hope you get it if you still want it!