DOes anyone have an '03 Mastic?? I saw it on atelier.naff?

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  1. Does anyone here have this bag and what color is it? This is the first time I noticed that color on there. I was looking again to see what colors came with silver hardware and there it was.
  2. i was also wondering, powderpuff!!!
    I think it looks like the 07 naturel, does anyone have this color? it's too gorgeous!
  3. BooYah does :smile:
  4. I think it looks like the naturel too, at least the swatch on atelier does. Does BooYah have pics of it?
  5. :lol: ltl-dear and aaa-sweetie, yeah, i got busted.....:lol:

    :shame: here're pics of my weekender-the color reminds me of gulden's mustard (sorry, it was the best i could use to explain the color IRL). the seller had no hesitation whatsoever in showing this baby off every wonderful living minute of his waking life;) so the bag's currently being professionally cleaned during this time
    bbag 029 mastic RS1.JPG
  6. booyah, this is soooo droolworthy!!! Hope it comes back to you super clean and super smooshy!

  7. danae-dear, ya think?:sweatdrop: :s hmmmmm, i hope they can do a little fixer-upper on her too. i still love her, though, and the 03 leather is wonderful(i could sleep ON it)....thank you:love: :flowers:
  8. ^^ lol, you crack me up girl!!! :roflmfao:

    p.s. she's a cool one my dear :supacool:
  9. :lol: thank you, sweetie! although i would've totally LOVED to see the seller stylin' this:graucho:
  10. :roflmfao:Too funny, everyday of their life huh?
    I don't think it looks nearly as bad as some that I have seen on ebay recently. it is gorgeous!! Now to me, It looks sort of like the '07 argyle, or maybe a marriage of argyle and naturel. ??
    That leather, :drool: I want to touch that bag!!! droolworthy for sure!
    Lovely bag and thank you soooo much for posting pics for us.
  11. guys, i'll try to find a close-up pic of the color and leather
    mastic2003.jpg cu mastic 03 1.jpg
  12. Wow - that's such an unusual colour. The leather looks so yummy!
  13. ^ Hoooooooooooly *&%%^)&*^^&^*!!! COVET!! COVET!!
  14. :lol:Deco, does that mean i should keep her????:lol:;) thank you:flowers:

  15. OH IT CERTAINLY DOES!!! :drool: :love: