does anyone have all three of muse, tribute and downtown???

  1. i have a patent muse and a croc quilted tribute...and i am thinking to get a downtown for i am just wondering if anyone here have all three of them???:p
  2. Working on it...have the patent downtown and quilted croc tribute. Muse is next on my list(unless I decide on a matching downtown luggage set).
  3. muse, downtown and mombasa
    all black
    I think I need to branch out, the tribute would put me over the top!
  4. i've seen the thread of ysl resort collection 2008...and still think downtown is my first choice on my next list!!!
    any other suggestion???
  5. Hi ladies, I see most of you have a tribute.
    I am thinking of getting one. Opinions? Yays? Nays?

    I know it's flat, so how is it holding up for your stuff? Is it heavy by itself?

  6. i love my is very very light!!! as u said...its it doesnt hold up well...but i think its ok...and one is can hold lots of things...hope this helps!!!
  7. I have a downtown (large Vichy) and a tribute (large Lacca Red Patent) but no Muse yet for me. I love my Tribute, it's a great bag and the flat profile actually makes it easier to carry in crowded locations. They're so lightweight, too, that it didn't get too weighed down while I was shopping with it and tossing in some small gifts I purchased along with my scarf and gloves.
  8. I have a muse, a downtown and a double sac - does that count? :nogood: No tribute yet.... but maybe one day.....soon.......
  9. haha...the double sac is nice too...
  10. I have a Downtown & a Rive Gauche.. but no Muse or Tribute, I love them all though.
  11. I have a Muse and a Downtown and I would love to get a Tribute, but probably I'll buy a Bal bag insted;)

  12. bal bag is also a must have item IMO!!!
    i've got a bal city bag too!!!
  13. I was so excited to buy the YSL Tribute...I love the look of the tribute, but it isn't my favorite bag to carry now that I own it. The flatness is difficult if you are used to carrying a lot of stuff. But I am glad that I bought it because it is definitely different from my other bags!
  14. I have the Muse in Taupe, the quilted croc Tribute and a Black/White downtown on the way from the Resort by Jan 25th, I should have all three! Although I'm thinking of exchangeming my downtown for another color... depends when I see it...if it's all leather, I will keep. If the white portion ends up being canvas, i will have to exchange.

    For now, between the muse and tribute, i love them both but I use the tribute alot more.
  15. I think Cosmopolitan has all three of these lovely bags.