Does anyone have adidas superstars?

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  1. I want a pair but I don't know if my feet will be too wide

    I have a pair of converse and my feet kind of bulge at the sides- are superstars as narrow?
  2. I have them, I don't have narrow feet, probably an E fitting in UK, and they look good. I found I had to size down as they fit big.
  3. I am obcessed with these tennis shoes :P
    I have almost normal width feet and these are cut large

    My son is only one shoe size smaller than me, he has wide feet and fits true to size in these.
  4. I have wide feet as well, converse bulging on side and all... superstars are not as narrow as converse. I have a pair in gold and black now and used to wear different ones as a teen (with the same feet width) all the time.