Does anyone have a Yves Saint Laurent uptown patent bag?

  1. You should return it, if the zipper broke off that soon. I am not sure why it would not keep its shape being that it is a structured bag.
  2. Ugh, smooth patent is TERRIBLE to keep clean :cursing:. I used to have a gorgeous black patent Chanel classic flap and sold it because, the maybe two times I used it, it was unbearable to keep looking good or unsmudged. I kept a soft cloth with me and would clean it while uising it :push:.

    I love YSL's textured patent because it doesn't show a single fingerprint :woohoo:and just looks amazing.

    As for the broken zipper :wtf:, return it.
  3. The zipper broke?!? :shocked:

    My fingerprints were very visible on the one I tried out at Nordstrom :nogood:.
  4. Sugarywitch, sorry about your bag. I agree that you should return it because of the broken zipper. You might want to consider another YSL if you are looking for an everyday bag, because the smooth patent on the Uptown is very high maintenance. How about a textured patent Downtown or Tribute or Muse?

    I predict that there are going to be a LOT of Uptowns in the year-end sales.