does anyone have a YSL overseas bag?

  1. Hi,
    I was looking at the overseas bag, it looks so "saint tropez" if anyone has one, is it durable and sturdy? or is more a show piece?
    I have a muse and a downtown already.

  2. No I havent, but did have a look at it - I think it looks better irl than in pictures.
  3. I don't own an Overseas. But I worry that the drawstring/chain top and the toggle closure could make it a pain to get in and out of...

  4. That's the downfall of the Rive Gauche. It's beautiful, professional, and sophisticated but the turn lock is quite frustrating.
  5. the drawstring at the top.. it doesnt keep the bag very tight. its not hard to get in and out of.. this bag is for the girl who loves the downtown shopper but feels like its too big. Nordies only got 2. its hot
  6. no but i have already fallen inlove with this bag! i would still get it despite the flaws :biggrin:
  7. Yes! I just bought the YSL overseas in the black patent. Personally, I'm in love with it. But as with all my bags, it always starts out as a very heated, passionate affair. The true test will be when the infatuation dies down a little!:love:
  8. Wow! Congrats!^^^

    Can you post pics, please! You should start thread showing us your bag!
  9. I'd love to post pics but I have to wait for someone to come over and help me put the on the computer. I'm ashamed to say I am completely computer inept! Every pic on my computer was loaded for me. Anyway, I'll take a bunch and bug someone to help me to put them up in the next couple of days. BTW, what is "starting a thread." (Told everybody in the newbies lounge, I was new to this!!!!:confused1: