Does anyone have a WEB bag?

  1. I've never really handled a Web bag but I'm curious about it. I've seen many pictures and if there was ever one at the boutiques I never bothered to look at them.

    As many of you might know, Hermes recently introduced the "Bolide 1923" but it looks more like a variation of the Web bag. I bought a Bolide 1923 back in February but someone told me that it's called the "Wave" (I believe she meant Web because there is no "Wave" bag), but on my receipt (from the Paris mothership) it clearly said "Bolide 1923".

  2. Oti, I saw the bag you referred to as the Bolide 1923. Shorter handles, outside pocket, no oval, am I correct? The tag was labeled Web II when I read it.
  3. Hermesgroupie, that's interesting. Yes, that's the bag! Below is a picture of it. Perhaps it has two names? My SA even confirmed that it was called the Bolide 1923 because it was also written on the paper insert inside the box. I also have a small Japanese Hermes look book that shows this particular bag in the Bolide section!

    I'm thinking that maybe since the Bolide is more well-known than the Web, they initially gave it that name. But looking at pictures of the Web, this new style definitely looks more like a revised Web, hence the "other" name Web II.

    Does anyone know if the Web I has Chevre lining and a double zippered closure?

  4. Oti, yep, that's the one. I t probably has 2 names then.
  5. I just bought one - vermillion. It's called a Web II on the tag/receipt. It's wonderful!! That front pocket is just perfect for a cell phone. I'll try and send a picture, but the one that you included from lucyinthesky is exactly the one --
  6. funnyredhead- that's nice to hear about being able to put a cell phone in the pocket, since H bags don't come with cell phone holders.
    Is your Vermillion 1923 in chevre or another leather?
  7. Funnyredhead, is there any way you can post pics of this bag? That would be so helpful! TIA!!!
  8. I'm at the beach this weekend without my WEB II -- have the white/turquoise Picotin :supacool: -- but I will take pix on Monday and post!
  9. White and turqouise picotin? What a perfect summer bag!! CUTE!
  10. It is quite handy! My bag is chevre -- :love:
  11. Ahhhhhhh Chevre!!!!
    I wonder if most of these 1923 bags are done in Chevre? The two I've seen were.
  12. I've handled the 1923 bag and really loved it. I especially like the double zippers that meet at the top. I used to have a Ferragamo bolide-style purse that did this, and it was the most useful bag I've ever had.

    And the exterior pockets are wonderful. If I could find it in fuschia, I'd buy it.
  13. GT, I've seen them in Swift, too!
  14. Thank you so much funnyredhead! And that picotin sounds fabulous too!!! Have a great time at the beach!:beach:
  15. Thanks, OT! You know which leather I'D choose....:smile: