Does anyone have a watch like this?

  1. i dont have the watch, butttttt ummm urrrr dont kill me but i was was house shopping with my cousin at Stienmart (i know i know its a nerdy store hehe sorry for anyone that shops there, but its just not ussally where youll find a 23 year old ;) the cliental is um a little older ;) )

    Back to my point...

    i saw the SAME watch set for MUCH MUCH MUCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH cheaper!!! Its cute but id sugg looking around!

    I have a couple of other coach watches and they fit well!
  2. oh - I wouldn't pay those crazy prices...just used those auctions as examples.

    if you don't mind me much cheaper have you seen these for?
  3. By the way if you didn't know, Coach watches are made by Movado. I don't wear a watch usually, but my Mom has one and really likes it.
  4. Those watches are CUTE! I'd love one with a black band.
  5. That particular watch comes in two sizes so just make sure you are getting the correct size that will best fit your wrists.
  6. Do they come in a small size? I wear a 6 1/2" bracelet and that still hangs a bit. I LOVE this style of watch but I've been leery because of the size issue.

    I do have a Coach watch with a buckle that I LOVE!
  7. i dont know the excat price, but i know it was like CRAZY cheap...under a 100!!! and they had ALOT

  8. i really dont like those styles of bands. i had to return the scribble oversized watch because it just felt odd and looked off on me.
  9. no but is cute!!
  10. It's cute but I like my watches to have numbers.
  11. I have purchased from aboutsales before, if you worried about it being authentic they are highly recommended!

    I love my Coach watch that I have, I got one for christmas!