Does anyone have a Vert Olive, Vert Fonce or Toundra (sp?) agenda?

  1. I am considering colors for an H agenda for the winter (probably a Vision) and am thinking I might like to go green. I love darker colors, esp. in chevre. My search for a pic has been unsuccessful so I thought I would ask if anyone out there has one or has seen one or even knows if H makes agendas in dark greens.

  2. I have the GM agenda in Vert Fonce in box calf. It is about 15 years old, so I do not know whether H is still offering this color and leather. It is a little worn now but has a great patina.
  3. I've seen vert olive barenia w/ white topstitching in a Vision.
  4. Yes, I recently purchased a Box leather Mirror in this color.
  5. I have seen the vert olive only on Luxuryzurichs is very pretty...